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BGT registering stillages app


Works with all BGT stillages barcodes!


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Scan & done!

In hectic times, registration of empty glass stillages is probably not your first priority. But still necessary. Because the free usage deadline is not infinitely, empty glass stillages are only standing in the way, and we urgently need them to be able to deliver your next order on time.

Then it is good if the registration can be done as quickly as possible - preferably with a simple scan. For this there is now the BGT stillage app!

Scan & done is definitly not exaggerated, because it's that easy and fast!

  • Download the app in Google Play or App Store (once);
  • Open the app and scan the barcode on the glass stillage when it can be picked up and won’t be relocated to another location anymore - works with all BGT stillages barcodes!
  • Optionally grant access to the GPS location once, so you do not have to manually enter the pickup address every time;
  • Confirm and done!

We will pick up the glass stillage as soon as possible at the address where you scanned it.


  • Super easy to use: Scan & Done!
  • You need considerably less time to register your empty BGT glass stillages. Precious time you can use for other important things;
  • Registration can be done locally by colleagues who have the best view on whether the glass stillage can be returned;
  • Use the app to avoid errors, such as wrong stillage numbers due to typing, writing or reading errors, or forgetfulness;
  • Using the app avoids unnecessary usage costs: In the daily hectic it’s easy to forget to register the stillages and before you
  • know it the free usage deadline is over;
  • App usage is free and anonymous - only the stillage number and location are saved and processed.


The BGT app for registering empty glass stillages can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and for Apple iOS in the App Store. Also with the use of the app no costs will incur. App usage is completely anonymous (individual user data will not be registered).

In case you have any questions about using the BGT stillage app, do not hesitate to contact us!