Industrial glass

With our high competence in the field of glass, BGT is an internationally sought-after partner for many industries. We manufacture industrial glass produced in series as components for buses, railways and campers as well as for glass cabins of tractors. Particularly in vehicle construction, high demands are placed on glazing systems, since they significantly contribute to the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers.

With our comprehensive expertise, BGT Industrial glass also implements needs-based solutions for the solar industry as well as for the interior design, furniture and exhibition construction segment. Here, too, BGT offers a diverse product range - starting with attractive partitions, over wall and ceiling coverings to glass showcases, signs and guidance systems.

When realizing your wishes, we always rely on individual and personal project support: From product development to technical implementation and construction to logistics - effective BGT project management leads to optimal solutions. In addition to the high quality of our products, our personal approach, flexibility and speed are also essential building blocks of BGT's corporate philosophy.