Standard glass products

Laminated safety glass


Laminated glass consists of two or more glass plates molten to each other under high-pressure with a special film (typically PVB - PolyVinylButyral) in between. This film prevents the window pane from falling apart upon breach. Therefore laminated glass is often used as safety and security glass (burglarybullet and/or explosion proof).

The PVB film between the glass plates provides a number of other advantages:

The applications are very wide and BGT offers laminated glass in both large and small size, and both as single glass as well as double or triple insulation glass with a variety of functionalities. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.

BI-Combiset is a laminated safety glass which consists of at least two individual plates which are bound together with a highly tear-resistant polyvinyl butyral film (PVB film). As a result of the excellent tear-resistance of this PVB film and its strong adhesion to the glass, laminated glass offers protection against items being thrown through the glass, break-ins, gunshots and explosions. The adhesive properties of the film are excellent at adhering to slivers, thus reducing the risk of injury. BI-Combiset can be manufactured from combinations with float glass, tempered and semi-tempered glass, colour-coated glass or sun-protection glass. In addition, it is also possible to further refine all laminated glass items to create insulation glass.

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