Specialty glass

Some famous buildings with BGT Solar Optisol glass:

  • Central Station Berlin
  • Heathrow London
  • Central Station Rotterdam
  • Farwaniya Courts Complex, Kuwait
  • Ampliación Corte Inglés Castellana
  • Scheuten Glass Holding, Venlo
  • Solar Highways, Uden (NL)

Solar Optisol

The semitransparent Optisol® solar modules meet the requirements of a climatic envelope through thermal insulation and sun protection. In addition, they can be used for effective noise and burglary protection. The glass-glass solar modules, similar to laminated safety glass in double or triple glazing, are versatile in use and can meet the structural and aesthetic requirements of any building. This glass-glass solution was specially developed as a "second skin" for facade cladding and is thus very well suited for renovation projects.

Sustainable and modern
Another not to be neglected aspect: A building equipped with Optisol® solar modules is perceived as an appealing sign that the client is contributing to sustainable environmental protection. At the same time, it lends buildings a sustainable and modern appearance.
Optisol-web.jpgFor facades, street equipment or roofing
You can freely choose the design of the Optisol® solar modules. It can also be easily integrated into existing glass facades. The correct distribution of the solar cells leads to an optimal yield from the sun and provides enough shade. Solar Optisol® can also be used for overhead glazing and roof applications. It gives every roof and roof a sustainable and modern appearance. Balanced incidence of light is perfectly combined with energy production. In addition, it is a BIPV solution designed for street equipment such as carports, noise barriers, privacy fences, shelters, bike racks and other public space applications.

This type of integration opens up a wide range of possible applications. For example, think of electric vehicles that can be charged locally with the solar energy generated.

In short, anyone looking for a photovoltaic module that is flexible, aesthetic and efficient at the same time can not ignore BGT's Optisol® solar modules!

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