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Alarm-BI-Tensit is the name of a single-pane tempered safety glass with an alarm function. A conductive loop is baked into the surface of the glass. In the event that the glass is broken, the current flowing through the conductive loop is interrupted, triggering the alarm. The conductive loop is also provided with an additional transparent coating as physical protection. Alarm-BI-Tensit is suitable for use with Class C burglar alarm systems.

Download the Alarm-Bi-Tensit product description (PDF, 31 KB) >>

BGT has the know-how and CNC precision machines necessary to manufacture glass for point-fixed constructions which fulfils the most stringent demands. The broad range of point-fixed systems – recessed, rigid and flexible, with large or small plates – makes it possible to dimension the point fixtures so that they meet the specific static and optical requirements. In comparison with transom-and-mullion constructions, the execution of a point-fixed construction requires greater care and accuracy.

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The special glass BI-Radar makes it possible to reduce undesired radar reflections caused by the façade of a building. The increasing density of air traffic and growing number of tall buildings in the vicinity of airports mean that the reflections from building façades can reduce the safety of air travel. This radar reflection-reducing glass was developed in order to reduce/eliminate reflected radar signals, which can turn into dangerous phantom objects on the screens of air traffic controllers.

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The fascinating characteristics of the material glass, its transparency and reflection, mean that it is ideal for an enormous range of creative uses. Glass art plays a key role in the design of contemporary architecture, helping to increase the visual impact of buildings – glass is also powerful in the context of individual objects, giving expression to spectacular works of art.

Creating master pieces with glass requires detailed knowledge of the characteristics of this material. This applies to such things as design with colour – be it translucent, opaque or transparent, a metallic shimmer or a mirror effect, BGT offers a wide range of processing and design possibilities for this versatile material.

This is why BGT is happy to be of assistance to artists with its experience and know-how, and is always open to the possibility of working together to develop new solutions. Just as every artistic creation begins with a vision, BGT is guided by the urge to ensure that these visions are made reality with perfect technical execution.

An important example is given by the glass stele by renowned artist Gerhard Richter, which was created in cooperation with BGT. It demonstrates the great potential of this material, and provides an impressive example of how artists can adopt a new form of expression – with glass.

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Facade BGT, Bretten
Artist: Bernhard Huber
  bgt-fassade1.jpg   17-juni.jpg   Monument June 17th in Berlin
Artist: Wolfgang Rüppel
Stele in private parc
Artist: Bernhard Huber
  stele1.jpg     biennale-venedig1.jpg   Biennale in Venice
Flag in Reichstag Berlin
Artist: Gerhard Richter
  flagge.jpg    fahnenschwinger1.jpg


Artist: Willi Gilli, Bretten


Primary school in München
Artist: Sabine Hornig

Church in Magstadt
Artist: Margot Jolanthe Hemberger
  Kunst-kirche-magstadt.jpg   sporthalle-bretten1.jpg   Gym in Bretten
Artist: Willi Gilli, Bretten