Design glass

Design glass

Glass is known for its transparency: We like a lot of natural daylight and a clear view outside. But glass is also increasingly being discovered as an art form, even for buildings. Since you do not necessarily have to take your glass in a boring, transparent form, under the heading Design glass we show various design options to add some color and design to your BGT glass.

The various design options are also possible in very large glass formats! They can also be used in single, double or triple (insulation) glass and in combination with other functionalities. In short, it seems like it can not be crazy enough. You ask, we deliver. Just ask!

Silk screen printing

Siebdruck.jpgBGT offers an almost infinite variety of colors, including the one you desire, which we can print on the glass in any design (even in large formats). And we will keep the template on stock for you, for easy and quick additional or replacement orders!

BI-Color is a glass which is coated with ceramic colours. The colours are baked on at approx. 650°C and are thus firmly bound to the glass. This means that they do not rub off, and that they are resistant to solvents, UV radiation and yellowing, as well as to temperature changes of up to 200°K. Colour-coated glass is primarily used as a design element in the interior and exterior of buildings, yet the colours also perform other functions as well: they reduce the amount of sunlight entering the building and lower the level of glare, and can also protect against view from outside or be used for security reasons.

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BI-LightColor is a semi-transparent glass with a special coating which provides for the ideal dispersion of visible light. This makes BI-LightColor especially suited for utilisation in translucent ceilings and backlit surfaces. When used as an individual design element, it makes it possible to evenly illuminate rooms. To facilitate the determination of the optimum installation conditions, BGT also offers tests for BI-LightColor Combi and BI-LightColor to determine the specific light conditions.

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BI-StepColor is an anti-slip glass which is suitable for walking on. Its ceramic colour coating makes it ideal for a wide variety of design possibilities, and it is distinguished by its high load-bearing capacity. Its special structure allows it to bear loads as great as 5 kN/m², while its anti-slip surface guarantees a high coefficient of friction under even the most demanding test conditions. BI-StepColor is available in a variety of configurations and its areas of application can be divided into three classes.

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When you take laminated glass, it does not have to be a transparent film that is molded between the glass plates. Metal foils and / or printed films are no problem and are becoming more and more popular. In this way your glass becomes a true work of art!

BI Stone
Stone-Folie.pngThe BI Stone is a lifelike glass / stone laminate. Herewith various stone designs can be used according to your wishes. There is a great variety of designs possible, such as the stone types onyx or marble. Depending on the design, the stone motif can be highlighted by an on-site lighting.

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Reflecting facades return as a design element. A novel coating option on the glass surface opens up completely new creative freedom, without limiting the functionality. The BGT chrome coating in BI chrome impresses with its brilliant appearance and can give the building a high recognition value and individuality due to the possibility of unique designs. In insulation glass facades as well as in ventilated facades, the use is possible without any problems.

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For the product BI-Vision², it concerns an inlay that has a metallic coating that is available in different versions. With the various embodiments of the inlets, different energy and radiation physical values can be achieved.

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Full-surface Vanceva films are also widely used to play with colours. Laminated glass with the Vanceva coloured interlayer system creates a wide range of colours and moods. It provides solutions to many architectural design challenges while leaving the aesthetic appearance of the glass intact.

Vanceva is not only suitable for use in facades, but also for atriums, skylights, partitions and meeting rooms. The designs are expressive and beautiful, with distinctive colours that can vary from subtle to extreme.

Vanceva's coloured interlayers use the colours red, yellow, blue, black and white and combine up to four layers to create more than a 1,000 different colour options. From neutral and soft to vibrant, bright purple or orange. The choice of intermediate layers is determined by the desired final colour of the glass.

The laminated glass also functions as safety glass and can thus be supplied as burglary-resistant glass, bullet-resistant glass or soundproof glass. Incidentally, the film reduces up to 99% of harmful UV radiation!

Mediaglass-Detail.jpgTechnological innovations never stop, not even with glass. Glass with embedded LEDs is no longer an exception: with Mediaglass® we offer you the opportunity to play entire films on the glass facade, while still enjoying the natural light from within!

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Dichroitic.jpgIf you can not choose between one or the other colour, there is our special multi-coloured foil to even get a rainbow effect to make your wall or facade stand out! PVC-free and up to 97% UV protection.

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Durable and modern 

Combine design with durability and you get solar cells in glass. That is in short BIPV. Also at BGT available under the brand name Optisol®.

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