Glass products


With contemporary architecture, the material glass makes it possible to design transparent and open buildings which allow light to pass through. This fascinating material creates a fluid transition between the interior and exterior. At the same time, it ensures the balance between the protection and supply functions of a building envelope in its role as an integral component of the façade system.

The demands on architectural glasses continue to increase: Not only for their functional characteristics such as heat insulation, sun protection and security aspects, but also with regard to design. Complex manufacturing and production technologies are required in order to ensure that architectural glasses are able to meet these varied requirements.

This is where the versatility of BGT shows its worth, for we are able to offer an extremely broad range of glasses with a wide variety of functions – regardless of whether it be insulation glass, safety glass or printed glass. And the product range extends much further: BGT is also a powerful and reliable partner when it comes to executing large-format or complex model glass, stepped glasses or glazing with double screen printing.