What does condensation on insulation glass mean?

What does condensation on insulation glass mean?

2 November 2017
Category: Construction

In the past, condensation and ice crystals on the glass were absolutely normal. But nowadays there is double and triple  insulation glass, which always have better insulation. But what if condensation forms anyway? Is the window still fully functional?

Which location?
The answer depends on the location of the condensation:

- on the inside:
The cause here is poor ventilation and high humidity in the rooms. Regular airing can solve the problem here.

- between the panes:
Here the window is leaking. Unfortunately, this can only be remedied by replacing the window.

- on the outside:
This is a sign of a very good insulation! It occurs mainly in the morning and usually in the fall, when the outside temperature is low and high humidity prevails. Here, the condensation will quickly resolve itself, so there is no reason to worry!

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