BGT launches stillages app!

BGT launches stillages app!

7 February 2019
Category: Company, Construction, Industrial glass

The construction industry is booming, which means that many glass stillages are needed for high production loads. In these hectic times, however, the empty glass stillages often remain on the construction site or at the metal construction company and are not released due to lack of time. Since the empty glass stillages are urgently needed to deliver the next orders on time, bottlenecks often arise that threaten to shut down the production. Then it is a great advantage when the registration of empty stillages can be carried out as quickly as possible - preferably with a simple scan. Therefor is now the new BGT glass stillages app, which allows the quick and easy free registration of BGT glass stillages.

Scan & done!
Heiko Probst, CEO of BGT Bischoff Glastechnik, explains the advantages of the app: "We make it very easy for our customers to register empty BGT glass stillages. 'Scan & done' is absolutely no exaggeration, because it is really that fast. Download the app once, scan the stillage’s barcode and confirm - that's all. With access to the smartphone's GPS location, we can then pick up the glass stillages from the address they were scanned. Herewith the person working on location, who has the best insight as to whether a glass stillage can be registered empty, execute stillage releases without any further intermediate steps necessary. This will save a considerable amount of time, minimize errors and prevent registration being completely forgotten. This app allows our customers to register their empty BGT glass stillages quickly and easily, also when our glass stillages were delivered through another company. Together we make sure that these same customers get their next glass deliveries in time and without any problems!"

The app and its use are free and completely anonymous - only the glass stillage number and the location are stored and processed, no individual user data. The BGT glass stillages app for registering BGT glass stillages can be downloaded in the Google Play store for Android smartphones and for iPhones in the App Store (search term 'BGT Returns'). Further information on the app >>

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