Our history

1938          Bischoff & Goppelsröder was founded in Bretten as an iron and glass wholesaler

1948          Construction of the glass warehouse at the premises in Bretten (about 300 m²)

1955          Commissioning of a glass warehouse of approx. 1,000 m² on today's premises

1956          The office building is set up

1957          The glass wholesale business is booming, start with glass processing

1963          With the separation of Bischoff & Goppelsröder, the glass wholesaler Bischoff KG is established in Bretten

1964          The company continues to grow: Another 24 x 40 m warehouse with grinding shop is opened and a crane system is set up

1966          Beginning of tempered safety glass  production

1977          Start with production silk screen printing


1980          Start of own insulation glass production

1984          Extension of the production facility: Additional furnace for the tempered glass production

1986          Commissioning of the heat-soak furnace. When necessary, tempered saftegy glasses are tested.

1990          Commissioning of a new CNC grinding system especially for vehicle glasses and the oven area

1993          Production facility expanded to 36,500 m², installation of a waterjet plant and start of own fire proof glass production G30

1994          Start of laminated glass production

1996          Installation of a second autoclave

1998          Processing center for grinding, drilling and washing of glass is set up. SB1 - a machine for grinding and drilling in line, mainly for facade glass

1999          The Reichstag in Berlin is completed with 3,000 m2 BGT laminated glass


2001          Silk screen printing extension with a new tempering machine, extension in the cutting area by a fully automatic milling unit (cutting, breaking, stacking with robots)

2002          The total production area is already approx. 51,000 m². 5,900 m2 BGT insulation glass was employed for the British Museum in London, which will be opened this year.

2002          Foundation of Soglatec GmbH

2007          BGT becomes part of the Scheuten Group, based in Venlo, The Netherlands

2008          Further tempering furnace for the Industrial glass sector

2009          Founding of INGLAS Produktions GmbH

2011          Foundation of Mediaglass, new tempering furnace in max. dimension of 3,210 x 8,000 mm

2013          Opening of the new World Trade Center 1 in New York. BGT participated with 10,100 m2 safety glass.

2015          Purchase and founding of Sitec Produktions-GmbH in Waghäusel

2016          Founding of Scheuten Projects, in which BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG, Scheuten Venlo, Scheuten Absoluut Glastechniek and Sitec Produktions-GmbH strengthen their cooperation in order to better serve the project market. This gives BGT an impressive capacity of advanced production resources.

2017          Private Equity Investor Value Enhancement Partners takes over Scheuten Glass Holding with all branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and thus BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG as well

2017          After years of construction, the Konzerthaus Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg opens. A demanding BGT project with 2,000 m2 of insulation glass.

2018          BGT launches a stillages app to register empty packaging swiftly and easily

2020          BGT takes over OKALUX in Marktheidenfeld, Germany

2021          BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG is now BGT Bischoff Glastechnik GmbH